About Marbella Property Solutions

Why Choose us?

Many people looking to purchase property on the Costa del Sol, do find the system of multi-listing confusing, and often find themselves visiting the same property Several times, with different

Estate Agents. Often the agents themselves have never visited the property and so this can often result in a lot of wasted time for the prospective purchaser.

MULTI LISTING , is a system fairly unique to Spain. It means that owner’s can list their property with multiple Estate Agencies, who in turn “share “ the property on a database which all

other registered Member Agents can access. The advantage is that Estate Agencies can offer a vast selection of properties with any price range or location.

The disadvantage is that often the Agent won’t have personal knowledge of the property.

We are different

Marbella Property Solutions is owned and managed by Geoffrey Banham and a small team of dedicated professional’s, all bilingual and with more than 25 years experience of selling

property on the Costa del Sol.

At Marbella Property Solutions, we take a slightly different approach , we do of course have our own listings, but we also undertake to search out and pre view suitable properties

for our clients before they come out to view, so we are sure , we are presenting the right properties for inspection. In effect , we act as your "personal property finders"

We specialise in the sale of small life style commercial businesses, hotels, hostals, boutique guest houses and bed and breakfast businesses in and around the Marbella area. We

will help to guide a client towards the right type of business that will suit their lifestyle expectations. 

Investment in new developments or commercial property is another area of our expertise. Considering a client's investment expectations and ensuring that client's are steered toward

low risk, high return property purchase's in Marbella and beyond.

Marbella Property Solution's offers a uniquely personal service to each and every customer.  Time, effort and energy will be invested in ensuring the customer achieves their goal for

investment in property in Marbella and the Costa del Sol region. 

We do not take customer's on tours , expect them to be bombarded by telesales personal who have know personal knowledge of the properties they are offering , or send out client's with

inexperienced sales people.  We take time, listen, research and offer solid advise without any time frame for purchase.

Our goal is to help each and every one of our clients achieve their own personal dream of a purchase in Southern Spain , knowing that they have on going support from us for as long as it is

needed in the future.